Jai Moss

(03) 339 2207

0221 77 1027


Canterbury Chambers
Level 11, Anthony Harper Tower
62 Worcester Boulevard
PO Box 44
Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

Jai graduated with Honours from Canterbury University in 1997.  He is qualified in New Zealand and Australia (NSW).  He has worked in international firms in London and Sydney and both national and boutique litigation firms in New Zealand.

Jai has been at the independent bar since 2011.  During that time, he has appeared twice as junior counsel in the Supreme Court and lead counsel in the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, various Tribunals and arbitrations.  Jai has also been appointed amicus curiae by the High Court.

Jai is a member of the Auckland District Law Society Property Disputes Committee.

Jai has a broad practice in all areas of civil and commercial litigation and specialising in contract and commercial disputes, Companies Act and insolvency matters, estate and trust matters, insurance, professional negligence, property disputes, and tort.


  • Young v Crown – Supreme Court hearing on 14 March 2023 – decision pending; [2022] NZSC 148 (nuisance); [2022] NZCA 391; [2020] NZHC 463
  • Sharma v Foster-Bohm & Corbin [2023] NZHC 552; [2022] NZHC 2871 (successful dismissal of appeal from District Court and opposition to application to apply for leave to the Court of Appeal)
  • Official Assignee v 22 O’Shannessey Limited [2022] NZHC 2930 (unsuccessful application to rescind interim injunction)
  • Whitley as liquidator of PVL (in Liq) v Meredith Connell [2022] NZHC 2994 (successful application under Companies Act for documents from the solicitors of the previous liquidator)
  • 100 Investments Ltd v Walker [2022] NZHC 1379 (successful opposition to consolidate two proceedings)
  • Buxton v Xero Limited [2022] NZCA 100 (unsuccessful appeal on breach of privacy)
  • Clark v Clark [2022] NZHC 786 (successful opposition to summary judgment application)
  • Hyndman v Walker – [2021] NZSC 58; [2021] NZCA 25 (unsuccessful appeal on breach of privacy and application for leave to the Supreme Court)
  • Stokes v Prain [2021] NZCA 683 (successful dismissal of appeal)
  • Teece v Veint – [2021] NZHC 2048 (successful opposition of strike out application; [2021] NZHC 409 (successful caveat applicatio) [2020] NZHC 3501 (successful opposition to urgent application to rescind interim orders).
  • Willigers v Churchill Fishing International Limited [2020] NZHC 2212 (successful opposition for urgent stay of possession); [2020] NZDC 15372 (successful dismissal of appeal)
  • Kkeshav International Limited v Heaton Holdings Limited [2020] NZHC 1513 (successful opposition to attempt to set aside statutory demand)
  • David Ian Henderson v Robert Bruce Walker [2019] NZHC 3020 (successful breach of privacy and confidence claim)
  • GP 96 Limited v FM Custodians Limited and PVG Securities Limited [2019] NZHC 1183 (injunction and removal of caveat proceedings)
  • Xu v IAG [2019] NZSC 68; [2018] NZCA 149; [2017] NZHC 1964 (dispute relating to the rights of the owner of an assignment of an insurance policy, unsuccessful (3-2))
  • Gavin v Powell and Dorrance [2019] NZHC 1277 (successful application for dismissal of solicitors for conflict)
  • Young v Attorney General [2019] NZHC 993 (successful opposition to strike out application by the Crown on a nuisance case arising out of the Canterbury earthquakes)
  • Chapman-Cohen v Wisnewski [2019] NZFC 7231 (successful Family Protection claim)
  • CIR v Livingspace Properties Limited (in liquidation and receivership) [2019] NZHC 711 (successful applications relating to Companies Act disputes)
  • Greenfields Internet Limited v Rural Networks South Island Limited [2019] NZHC 465; [2019] NZHC 504; [2019] NZHC 645 (a mixture of success in injunction proceedings)
  • Tomanovich Holdings Limited v Gibbston Community Water Company 2014 Limited [2019] NZCA 7 (successful dismissal of appeal)