John Matthews

027 227 6104

PO Box 44
Christchurch 8140

I am available for engagement as a mediator, negotiator, arbitrator and Resource Management hearing commissioner. I am based in Christchurch and Auckland, but I am available throughout New Zealand.

I have very wide experience in every facet of legal practice, as well as commercial and financial knowledge from my work as a company director. I have had extensive experience during the last 32 years as a mediator, negotiator, and in conducting Judicial Settlement Conferences. I also have wide experience as a commissioner. Details of my career experience are on my website, the address of which is below.

I have an understanding of the specific imperatives of resolution of disputes to commercial parties, as well as the different pressures that disputes place on individuals.

Disputes on which I invite you to instruct me include existing litigation in the Senior Courts, Family Court, Environment Court and District Court, but also disputes between persons, companies and other entities before litigation is commenced. This is not an exhaustive list; engagement of an experienced mediator, independent of both sides, in any area where a dispute has arisen is frequently valuable in achieving an early and cost effective outcome. As my experience shows, I am well equipped for appointment to such a role.

For more information, please visit my website